12 Trips to Take With Your BFF 14/06/2019

What makes your best friend gold is that you can do absolutely nothing together and call it a win. You can talk, or not talk, for hours about everything from guilty pleasure TV shows to the deep, soul-searching questions you can’t ask anyone else.

Because of that, you and your BFF definitely deserve a break from the norm every once in awhile. Being out of your element, or even just relaxing without a care in the world, is always made better with your number one by your side. Traveling with your best friend will bond you in a way nothing else can, while still inspiring and motivating you to gain confidence in your own skin.

If you’re looking for suggestions for an epic getaway with your bestie, here are our picks for where to go. And don’t worry about taking all of these trips – even just one is sure to cement memories for a lifetime.


1. San Juan, Puerto Rico

Fly from Florida’s sunny shores to Old San Juan’s colorful streets in just under three hours. This little islet is perfect for a long weekend with your bestie, soaking up vitamin D and the Caribbean breeze (not to mention some amazing mojitos).


2. Florence

Elevate those heart-to-heart convos over a glass of wine in Firenze’s cobblestoned-streets and crimson orange sunsets. Romantic? Sure, but coming here once will only solidify your desire to return – so why not come with your best friend first?


3. The English Countryside

Who would you rather tour “Downton Abbey’s” Highclere Castle or “Pride and Prejudice’s” Chatsworth House with (only two of a zillion favorite England-based shows and movies) besides the one who probably watched them all with you?


4. Salzburg’s Sound of Music Tour

Likewise, only your BFF could tolerate you singing (most likely) off-key and over-enthusiastically as you skip up the steps of Mirabell Gardens or recreate Liesel and Rolf’s moonlit gazebo duet. Not that Salzburg isn’t worth visiting in its own right, but you might as well visit with the one who won’t judge you for musically geeking out.


5. Stockholm (or Oslo, or Copenhagen)

Thank you, Norwegian Air, for making it just a little more doable to jet off to Scandinavia on a moment’s notice. If Sweden, Norway, or Denmark weren’t on your travel radar before, then now’s the perfect time to keep an eye out for deals and plan a last-minute “YOLO” trip with your BFF.


6. Montreal

From spas to poutine, excellent shopping, and the great outdoors, Montreal’s got everything worth indulging in, but in French – which makes it infinitely more alluring, charming, and everything you’d write home telling your BFF about anyway, so you might as well bring them with.  


7. A Road Trip Anywhere

Not to get all “Thelma and Louise,” but kind of. There’s something magical about the conversations that happen when you’re chasing the horizon and your best friend’s riding shotgun. (Just stop short of any cliffs, please.)


8. Vietnam

Balance the energy of Ho Chi Minh City with a junk boat cruise along Halong Bay. Vietnam offers a world of experiences to suit any traveler, so regardless of the kind of girls’ trip you have in mind, let Vietnam set its stage.


9. Marfa

Quirky and out there (literally), Marfa is the perfect place for a weekend escape with the one who shares all your inside jokes. Enjoy eclectic art, vintage airstreams – even Big Bend and some mysterious lights – all under those wide Texan skies.


10. Savannah

With its cobblestone squares and canopy of Spanish moss, there’s no dreamier place to feel time stand still than in Savannah. With a local spirit unlike anywhere in the South, it’s a worthwhile check-in for bucket lists and best friends alike.


11. Camp in a National Park

You don’t have to travel far to take advantage of the great outdoors. Practically every region of the United States is within driving distance of some serious natural beauty, so pick a park you haven’t been to yet and go off the grid with your better half.


12. NYC

Whether you’re of the Sex and the City class or a Girls recent graduate, no doubt the Big Apple has shown you some depiction of friendship over the years, either good or bad. It’s time to make it your own – after all, life is best lived first-hand. So grab your real-life best friend and take the city by storm.

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